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I wake with a yawn. Opening my eyes, I see sunlight coming in though the crank in between the entrance. I then feel movement and look down to see Jack roll right against me and hide his face in my chest fur. I smile then my eyes widden CRIKIES! I FELL ASLEEP! I yelp at this and scamper up and out of the bed, and making Jack roll away as I do, making him wake up.
"Uh? Are you leaving?" Jack asks as he sits up rubbing the sleep from his eyes and yawns.
"Ya mate. Sorry I stay'd way to long.." I say grabbing my harness and swinging it around it over my shoulder to its normal position. I then head for the entrance.
"Oh alright. Bye! See you later!"
I wince a little as I walk out and Jack calls after me "Ya, see you, mate!" I call back. The sun hits my eyes like a lazer and I gasp sheilding my eyes with a hand and go into the shelter of the trees. Quickly I tap my foot thinking The Warren and a passage way opens up and I jump in racing down to my home.
When I reach The Warren, I slow down and stand up with a straight face. I walk though the eggs running ever which way, careful not to step on any. But my thoughts are not on what I was doing, it was back to last night. How could I have fallen asleep!? It was such a stupid thing to do, but I had done it. And the worst part is, I had injoyed laying beside Jack! How could I do such a thing?! I was not helping Jack by doing this to him. Stupid me! The poor boy probably thinks I'm playing with his emotions! Im such an eggskull! I think then a thought hits me But he wanted me to stay... Maybe Jack did feel the same that I did for him. But what if he didn't?
I shook my head to clear it and I walk to my burrow and duck my head going into the small underground space and lay down. I wasn't tired but I could not bring myself to do anything. I just was not in the spirit to do anything.

After so long I finally force myself up and go outside looking around. I narrow my eyes as I walk around. Looking around I see a small figure dart towards me and I realize its Baby Tooth. She is fluttering around and squeeking and I pin my ears back slightly "Hold on. Slow down and repeat." I say and after a bit she does and as she does, my ears pin completely back. Tooth was trapped in a forest fire. "Crikies! Show me where Baby Tooth!" I say at once and she darts off and I take off after her. Oh let Tooth be alright. I think as I race along my ears pinned back in fear for the half humming bird, half human guardian.

He skidded to a stop to see North, Sandy and Jack already at the edge of the burning flames and I narrow my eyes "Why is no one going in after her?!"
North turns to me with wide eyes "Its to dangerous Bunnymund! I thought you would know this all to well after that accient."
I wince at the thought. Not long ago The Warren had caught fire because of Pitch. I shook my head to clear it "Well I don't care I'm going in after her!"I growl and take my harness off laying it down and I race forward and jump though the flames and land in the middle of some flames. I squint my eyes and try to catch any other sound with my ears but it's my nose that catches the faint scent of Tooth under all the burning scents and I take off after the scent. I soon come to a fallen tree with a small hole under it. "Tooth?!" I call poking my head in the hole.
"Bunny? Is that you?" A small voice calls from the darkness.
"Yes, its me, hold on Tooth!" I say and pull myself into the hole and look around "Tooth?"
"Over here..."
I follow her voice to a shape in the corner. I reach out a hand to touch Tooth's shoulder and she disappears "Crikies!" I gasp and fall back. Just then everything outside goes black and a cruel laughing rings in my ears. I pull myself up and race to where the entrance is and pull myself out of the hole to see the fire is gone.. All there is burned trees and barren land of a long ago fire.
Then a laughing voice "I can't beleive you fell for that!"
I swirl around to see no one but a dark shadow but Im no fool and I go to grab my boomerangs but find them gone.
"Looking for this?" The voice asks and my harness falls only feet from me.
I go to grab it but it disappears before I can grab it and I pin my ears back in rage.
"Oh, I dont think so." The voice says "Not yet anyway. Boys, lets show him what he deserves."
Boys? Who are these people?! I think and at once I am on alert. Just then I hear a laugh from behind me and I turn to see a man walking out. He was huge and musclar and his eyes wore a deep red and his hair was a pure black.. "Edden." I spat the man's name. Edden and his little gang wore a band of dark guardians that worked for Pitch and knew a lot of their boss's dark spells. In payment, Pitch would allow them to torture kids though horrible ways that I didn't even want to think about.
"Bunny." Edden says and his eyes narrow "Short time sense we last met. Let me see.. In Vice City and you ended up surrendering."
"I think your mixed up, Edden." I growl "I remember you wore the one begging for mercy and I didn't give it. Why should I have?"
"Ah. Yes. I remember. Well its time for payback cottontail."
My eyes widden as I hear footsteps behind me and turn to see Edden's gang surrounding me. Then I turn to Edden "You wore the one talking! You lured me here!"
"Ah, your no stupid rabbit, are you easter boy? Yes. I lured you here. I made the fake visions of your friends. Now its time for payback from our little meeting in Vice."
Before I can do anything, a man almost as big as Edden, grabs my arms and pin them to my sides and I hiss and spit in rage as Edden walks slowly up to me polishing a knife. When he is only inches away, he looks up and smirks before slaming the knife into my shoulder.
I scream in agony and go to kick Edden but the man jumps back. I struggle to get out of the other man's grip but to no use... Then Edden is infront of me again and this time slams his fist into my stomach. I gasp at the inpact, doubling overing. But then someone grabs my ears pulling me back up and I struggle to get out of their grip but before I can, Edden slams his fist into my stomach once more and this time I spit up blood from the force...
"Let him go." I hear Edden order the men and they let me go and I fall to my hands and knees coughing up blood.
Edden bends down and I look up at him in hatred "Not so strong now, are you easter?" Edden taunts. He then stands up and I hiss letting out a low curse at the man..
Then Edden kicks me in the side making me fall over on my side. At once the hole gang are on me, kicking me.. My only defence is to curl into a ball and pray for it to be over soon...
After what seems like hours, Edden calls his men off and he bends down "After this, I hope you think twice about messing with me, rabbit." With that he gets up and throws my harness down beside me walking off with his men laughing.
I slowly grab my harness and pull it closer to me.. I then close my eyes and lay there in silent agony....
Bad Edden D< Such a shocking twist to this story. Well hope you like it so far!
Sorry for the wait on chapter 3. My family kept dragging me off so I couldn't finish it til now.

Chapter2: [link]
Chapter4: [link]

Rise of The Guardians, Jack Frost, Bunnymund(c) Dream Works
Edden and his gang(c) Me
Love Hurts Fanfic(c) Me
sonadowfangurl Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Poor Bunnymund.:(
Edden and the gang: "GO TO HELL AND BURN SLOWLY!!!">0<
defyingthegravity Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG can't belveive that happened
xXZariXx Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist
I would like to write something more, but I can't wait to read 4th one *fellow the link in desc*

Awansome! It's all I can say :love:
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