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Pitsiark WF16 by TotemSpirit

Pitsiark WF16

{Midnight Siamese}
Nickname(s): Spirit (Name given by Locals), Pitty, Miss Unpredictable, "YouSnowWhiteSheDevil!", Female of a Thousand Faces, Queen Diva
Gender: Female
Pack: Shady Guardians (Main) / Wind-Wick Pack (Sub-Pack)
Rank Within Pack: Member (Main) / Member (Sub-Pack)
Genotype: ee/aa/Tt
Phenotype: Tundra
10% Dire Built
Height: 199 cm
Weight: 1110 lbs
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.
DEFAULT!Personality: This Tokota has mastered the art of deception, just as you think you have this girl all figured out, she will do the exact opposite of what you anticipated. (You can probably figure out what happened with the hand paints)
EDITED!Personality: Pitsiark is truly a girl of a thousand faces. With all the moods she can switch between, it is hard to pinpoint her main personality and some have came to the fact that she may not have a main one but several ones she loves to use. It is hard to know exactly what this wild born female is thinking or feeling and just when you start to think you are getting what is going in that skull of her's, she'll do the very opposite. The female loves the guessing games she gives others and it takes someone that truly knows her to know exactly what she is thinking. In this scenario, that is her handler Midnight Siamese. Only he can look into her orange eyes and know exactly what is going through that devious head of her's. That and he has became good at reading her body language, but even now, she still manages to sometimes take him by surprise.
Personality Tweaks:
- There is one way to know if you are on Pitty's good list and that is when she protects you if she feels the situation needs it.
- She can be quite touchy, especially with handlers, so watch yourself closely when interacting with her.
Age: 6 years old

Fun Facts:
- Was discovered to be the second ever sphinx dire known in existence
- Doesn't mind Bridals, halters or saddle blankets, but the second you bring a saddle towards her, she'll blitz.
- Only if she trusts you will she allow you to mount her. Doesn't guarantee you'll stay there though! (LOL!) The only one she has not been known to buck in some way is Midnight.
- Is a bit of a clutz running on flat ground sense she lived her whole life in the rocky mountains that the Desna Pack calls home.

WIP as I am going to wait until the end of the Dire Days event to see if any additional info will be added about such things

Special Tokota(s):

Total: 265.5HP
RoM: ---
RoF: ---
RoK: ---

Interaction Level

The Bonding Moment - 12HP (HeartBlue Square BulletTurquoise Bullet - F2U!)


Taming Attempts

Dire Days - Task Two - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
From a Distance - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
That is Not Good - 5.5HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days Task 2| Your bear smells Funny - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days | Hunt of the Dires - 5.5HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days Task Two - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Through the fog [Dire Days, Task 2] - 8HP (Blue Square BulletTurquoise Bullet - F2U!)
~TASK TWO~ The Silence - 15HP (Blue Square BulletTurquoise Bullet - F2U!)
[Commission] Dire Days Event 2: Three Giants - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days - Task Two - Collab - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days - Task Two - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Howling with the Wilds - 5.5HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days - Task 2 - 5.5HP (Blue Square Bullet)
DD - Task 2: Meeting the Giants/Dire Days Task Two - Meeting the Giants - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Discovery - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
[DD2] Watching from above - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days - Task 2 - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
I searched for the amaranth - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
What's that on you? DDs T2 - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
watchers on the mountain - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Red Dawn - 10HP (Blue Square BulletTurquoise Bullet - F2U!)
Hare-raising - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days Task Two| Dire Pack - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days 6: Closing in - 9HP (Blue Square BulletTurquoise Bullet - F2U!)
[DIRE DAYS] On the trail - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
The hunting of three Giants - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
[Toko-Task2] So close - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
DD: Task 2 - 5.5HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days Task 2 - Found them... - 17HP (Turquoise Bullet - F2U!Blue Square Bullet)
Dire Days - Task 2 - 13HP (
Blue Square BulletHeart)
[Dire Days Event] Task 2 - Bonus 1 - 7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
[Dire Days Event] - Task 2 - 
7HP (Blue Square Bullet)
Toko: Task 2/ Kings and Queens of the Mountains - 
7HP (Blue Square Bullet)


Taming Attempts



Hand paint by noebelle Hand paint dyes ;; Hand paint dye; color of your choice. Up to two symbols. (Had Prior to taming)
Scar Pack by Issora Scar pack ;; Able to add up to three small scars onto import sheet. (Had Prior to taming)








1. ----
2. ----
3. ----
4. ----
5. ----
6. ----
7. ----
8. ----




Handler: Blue Square Bullet 
Lit: Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 
Starter Tokota: Paw Print (Purple) - F2U! 
Hunting/Fishing/Exploration: Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! 
Training Pic: Pixel Bone - F2U! 
Collab: Pink Heart Bullet 
Animation: Heart 
Non-Commissioned: Heart
Show Entry: Reserve Champion Ribbon (First Place=Ribbon 1st Blue / Second Place=Ribbon 2nd Red/Third Place=Ribbon 3rd Yellow)
  • Mood: Stupefied
  • Listening to: MYSELF GO INSANE!!!
  • Reading: MY MIND!
  • Watching: MY IMAGINATION!
  • Playing: ON DA!!
  • Eating: DONUTS!!!
  • Drinking: PEPSI!!!!!

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