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-TBA Revamp-

Found from; :iconblackbrier:

Tag; “ANYONE WHO READS THIS” >L I was screwed from the beginning! Oh well, might as well!




1) Pick 6 characters in any order

2) Don't change the questions

3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!

4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)

5) Have fun!


    1.       Caspian ‘Pax’

    2.       Danny Crowsight

    3.       Renard Hamato

    4.       Metalhide

    5.       SoftFeather

    6.       Starship


1.[5] is deeply missing someone. Who is it and why are they so important?

SoftFeather; “Missing s-someone?... Well…. I guess I am. My mother, brother, and father. My brother and mother left on their own will and thanks to this, my father died from heart-break.”



2.Who could make [1] do anything for them if they asked?

Caspian; “Uh… My little brother Blast… He is just to cute!” –flails arms and hides in embarrassment-



3.Would [6] have the guts to kill [2]? Explain your answer.

Starship; “Pff! Please! That little thing, of course! I ain’t no chicken!”

Danny; “Excuse me? Take me on then!”

Starship; “Uh.. Okay, one second, I think I hear Prime calling me! Uh, coming Prime!” –takes off-

Danny; “Who ain’t no chicken?”



4. A science experiment goes terribly wrong and [1] gets 24 hours approximately left to live. What will [1] do?

Caspian; “Do everything my dad pacifically says NOT to do! YAY!!”



5. [3]'s birthday had come up and [4] gave [3] a gift. But, turns out [3] hates it. What will happen next?

Metalhide; -_- -throws it at the mutant turtle and walks off grumbling-

Ren; -Glares after the boy and cracks knuckles- “Get back here blacky!”

Metalhide; -Turns back to the slightly older male- “Excuse me!?”

Caspian; O_O “Break it up you two! That is one fight I’d just love to explain to the adults!”

Ren and Metal; -Pout before gaining up on Caspian and gagging/tying him up and tossing him in a hole. Then leave laughing-



6.What will [5] become when he/she grows up? Any achievements [5] is planning to achieve?

Softfeather; “Becoming a warrior and serving my clan is the only achievement I really want to do and sense I am already grown up, I am doing that.”



7.[6] going out shopping with [2] and he/she offers to buy [6] something. What is it?

Danny; “He is really into that sad job of his with making weapons that don’t even work!.... *sigh* Might as well buy him a bunch of tools and a bunch of first-Aid Kits because a medic won’t be available all the time!”

Starship; “I’d say thank you but your just an ass!!” –pouts-

Danny; >3 “Thank you!”



8.[4] is extremely close friends with [3] is anyone jealous?

    Caspian; -pouting- “That damn mutant stole my best friend!! What a jerk!!”



9.[4] and [1] are on a boat and [1] decides to go swimming. Yet something caught [1] and now [1] is starting to drown! [4] notices, but does [4] help [1]?

    Metalhide; “OF COURSE!! Aaah!! Casp! I’ll Save you!” –dives in and gets caught to after a ‘heroic’ fight-

    OP and IH; >_>! “We can’t leave them nowhere!” –Saves their sons-



10.[2] and [5] are in the same room, with the lights off. [1] walks in. What is their reaction

    Softfeather; -yowls and hides behind the dark skinned two-leg-

    Danny; -_- -hits the ‘figure’ over the head with a bat-

    Caspian; x.x –faints-



11.[1] is on a hike with [5] and [5] faints! What will [1] do?

                Caspian; “Ratchet! Ratchet! Cat down! Kitty-Cat Down!! HELP!” –After no answer, tries to do CPR on Softfeather-

    SoftFeather; -yowls and jumps up scratching Caspian-

    Caspian; -Yells and jumps back- “Hey! I’m trying to help!”

    SoftFeather; “By kissing me!?”

    Caspian; j-j “I ran out of options…”



12.Movie night with [2] and [3]. [2] makes [3] watch porn with him/her. Reactions?

    Renard; >3 “Oh this is so juicy! I could watch this all night!”

    Danny; “Ha! No one is stopping you and you are with an adult, so no one can get mad at you!” –snickers-



13. Would [6] would you repeat his/her life if [6] could? Why or why not?

    Starship; “YUSH! My life is awesome!... Even when I was being tortured by the D’Cons…. –Okay maybe not- But still! Awesomeness right here!” >D

    Freefall; e_o… “He is NOT my uncle…”



14.Who would get into trouble faster, [2] or [4]?

    Metalhide; “Haha! Fire guy would!”

    Danny; -_- “Says the huge robotic alien boy.”

    Metalhide; >L “Point is?”

    Danny; “Nevermind. You can’t figure it out, I ain’t gonna help yeah kid.”

    Metalhide; -.- “I hate you.”

    Danny; “Duo!... Now shut up or I’ll melt your tongue.”

    Metalhide; -_- -pouts but goes quiet-



15. [1] I dare you to go find [6]'s weak point.

                Caspian; “Making weapons. ‘Nough said!” >D

                Starship; “Excuse me!?!”

                Caspian; “Well it is true! For a Weapon Maker, you ain’t very good!”

                Starship; “Pax I’d shut up or I’ll call your father.”

                Caspian; O_O –shuts up-



16.Who's the party animal between [1], [3] and [4]

                Caspian, Metalhide, and Ren; “ME!” –looks at one another- ….. “US!”

                Caspian; -Shrugs and smirks- “It is a tie!... Now if you excuse me, I hear a semi, I uh… Gotta go!! Come on Metal!”

                Metalhide; “But I don’t wanna…” –sees a GMC Topkick coming- “on second thought, wait up Casp!!!” –takes off after the Pax-



17.. [5] wakes up one morning with blood all over your face. [3] slept over and is no where to be found! [5] goes down stairs and see [3]. What was the story? (Let 3 explain)

                Ren; “Dang little cat, for a small feline, you are sure one heck of a cougar! Those foot ninjas didn’t know what hit them! Ha!”

                Softfeather; O_e… “Foot-ninjas?....” –shakes head- “I gotta lay off what twolegs call ‘Cat-Nip’.”



18.[4], from 1-10, how good looking would you rate yourself?

                Metalhide; “A double ten—“

                That doesn’t count.

                Metalhide; “Screw you invisible voice!” -_-



19. What's your favorite thing about the opposite gender, [5]?

                SoftFeather; O_O;… “My favorite thing about she-cats?.... I guess their emotional strength and the way they can make tough toms fall all over themselves.”



20.In your opinion, [6] What's the worst thing about the opposite gender?

                Starship; “You don’t expect anything from femmes and then suddenly you find yourself on your back! I mean, they are so small and delicate and you don’t expect to be attacked!.... It is like a rabbit being stalked by a small, very pretty vixen…. I think?... I ain’t no good with human metaphors!”



21. [2] calls [5] over for an "emergency". [5] rushes over and [2] tells [5] to entertain him/her. How does [5] respond?

                SoftFeather; e_e…. “How do you entertain a massive wolf that plays with fire and lava for a living?.... Uh… Danny? Why don’t you go find that female named Sea you always talking about? I’m sure she can do a lot more than me!”



22.Is there anyone who you think about [6], When you hear the word, bed?

                Starship; -uncontrollable giggling- “Rewind…. Hehe~”



23.[5] would you marry your current boyfriend/girlfriend right now if they asked? If you don't have one, who from this meme would your marry right now?

                SoftFeather; “Marry means mating with right?... Right?.... Well, I got no one special right now… I’m not a very good mingler!” –blushes before yowling and taking off- “I AIN’T MATING WITH NO HARD SKIN TWOLEG OR NO MASSIVE WOLF OR NO TURTLE TWOLEG!”



24.The meme is over! All of you relieved or happy? (Don't forget to tag if you want to!)

Caspian; “It was okay. Not exactly something I’d do again soon.”

Danny; “Aww f***! And things were just getting interesting!”

Ren/Renard; “Leave me in peace now will ya!? Grr!”

Metalhide; -Just walks away-

SoftFeather; -Slowly relaxs- “I… I gotta go back to my clan now. Bye.” –rushes off-

Starship; “Thank Primus this is over! I feel so picked on!” –turns and walks off to cry in a corner-






Anyone else who wants to do this for the heck of it ;)

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